Newsmax | US Evangelicals Defend Pompeo’s Christian Faith From Chinese Attacks

U.S. evangelicals are fighting back against Communist Chinese leaders’ attacks on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s Christian faith.

China’s state-run Global Times claimed Tuesday that Pompeo had betrayed his Christian faith by holding China accountable for the pandemic.

In a Sunday interview with ABC News, Pompeo said there is “enormous evidence” the coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China, and “significant” evidence it escaped from a Chinese virology lab there.

U.S. officials also point out that China downplayed the pandemic that began in Wuhan while trying to corner the market on vital medical supplies it knew the world would soon be desperately needing.

“The Chinese Communist Party had the opportunity to prevent all of the calamity that has befallen the world,” Pompeo declared.

Pompeo is “lying for political purposes,” the newspaper said in an editorial published Tuesday, stating he had broken one of the Ten Commandments.

The editorial charged the secretary of state’s actions are “contrary to his label as a so-called ‘devout Christian.’”

U.S. Christian leaders, noting the irony of China’s attempt to pass judgment on Pompeo’s religious beliefs, rushed to Pompeo’s defense.

Among the evangelical reactions exclusively provided to Newsmax:

Rev. Johnnie Moore, an evangelical leader and president of The Congress of Christian Leaders, has documented religious persecution around the world, most recently in Nigeria after returning from an interfaith fact-finding mission there.

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