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Pastor Paula White, an adviser to President Donald Trump, told CBN’s Faith Nation on Thursday the White House faith agenda will be moving full speed ahead in 2018, and will be pursuing a number of new initiatives.

“We’ll have about six initiatives — exciting, exciting things that, if we thought we did some things last year, boy, wait until this year,” White told CBN’s David Brody and Jenna Browder.

White mentioned humanitarian efforts, criminal justice reform, religious liberties, and even mental health and substance abuse as areas that would see initiatives in the coming year.

“There are many things that are planned through the White House and the president to see these initiatives not just launch but successfully working with churches, organizations, synagogues, all people of faith,” White continued.

White heads of a group of about 35 evangelical pastors and organization leaders who advise Trump. The group includes major names such as James Dobson, Franklin Graham, and Jerry Falwell Jr.

She does not have an official position in the Trump administration but is said to be “part life coach, part pastor” to the president, The Washington Post reported.

Dobson has said White led Trump to Christ prior to the election and Eric Trump has publicly said White has provided support and guidance to the administration and “continues to be an inspiration to all those who know her,” the Post reported.

In the CBN interview, White called the president’s accomplishments in the first year “amazing” and cited his recognition of Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel along with various executive orders.

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