Newsweek | Trump and Biden Need to Listen to the American Family | Opinion

The race is in full swing. Each presidential campaign uncorks its talking points about what matters in this election. Campaign strategists and political consultants opine on important issues and critical constituencies. Both President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden declare they know what is best for America. But if the two really want to lead the nation, they would be wise to listen to the American family.

Family dynamics are shifting in America, but Americans across the political spectrum are not nearly as divided as politicians and the media report. In fact, the lives and routines of Democratic and Republican families are nearly identical. Yet politicians and political campaigns speak to each as if they lived in alternate universes.

For the past six years, Deseret News and Brigham Young University have conducted an annual American Family Survey to explore family life in unique and powerful ways. On September 22, they will unveil the results of this year’s survey during an online event co-hosted by Brookings Institute and American Enterprise Institute. The survey is designed to demonstrate the experiences of Americans in their relationships, marriages and families, and how those experiences impact a variety of social and public policy issues.

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