Newsweek | Trump Is Right to Take on Big Tech | Opinion

Social media companies have made it possible for organizations with non-left views, like PragerU, to get around powerful entities controlled by the left: the education system, the mainstream media and Hollywood. Thanks mostly to YouTube and Facebook, we at PragerU have been able to speak directly to millions of people online.

These social media companies now regret this. Beginning in 2016, they have increasingly asserted control over what they allow users to post and view in order to put the conservative genie back in the bottle.

PragerU is a leader in the fight to keep the internet open to all points of view. When YouTube would not stop restricting our videos, including videos on topics as non-political as the Ten Commandments, we took them to court. Most liberals agree with us that censorship is wrong—but leftists do not, and the hard left controls Big Tech. They use Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 (CDA) to give themselves cover.

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