| Chattanooga authors added to national digital bookshelf

Chattanooga-based authors now have a free platform to share their books at the national level.

Hometown Reads, a book discovery website, is a place to find books written by local authors. The site highlights 70 regions nationwide, allowing users to access more than 2,000 local books.

About 15 titles are available so far from Chattanooga authors. Titles include “Made for Amazing” by Mark Nation, “Great American Grillin’” by Kent Whitaker, “The Liberator’s Daughter” by Deborah J. Levine and “It All Matters” by Paul Cummings.

“Until Hometown Reads, there was no way to harness the power of online connection to introduce authors and readers living in the same ZIP code,” said Becky Robinson, founder of Hometown Reads.

Local authors are encouraged to submit their titles to be featured on the site. Registration is free.

Hometown Reads encourages the Read Local movement, which taps into the desire for embracing everything local.

The site was created by Weaving Influence, a “boutique digital and public relations firm that specializes in serving authors with comprehensive book marketing services.”

More information can be found here.

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