NPR | If Evangelicals Meet With the President, It Will be a Celebration

Johnnie Moore, an informal evangelical adviser to Trump, downplayed the discussions, calling them “entirely conceptual” at this stage.

Moore described himself as an “observer” rather than an organizer but did say conversations are underway about a potential gathering of hundreds of evangelicals in Washington, D.C., in the coming months.

“There is a very active discussion about the desire of evangelical leaders to get together again, principally to discuss policy issues going into 2018. And it has nothing to do with any questions about the past life of our president.”

As for the format, Moore said that, too, is still being discussed, and the president would not be the “center of the discussion” — though Moore said that if 1,000 evangelicals gather in Washington, he believes the president would try to meet with them.

Moore noted that many conservative Christians are pleased with Trump’s policy record so far and are eager to talk about “what’s next” for their policy priorities.

“What I think will happen if there is a meeting and he participates,” Moore said, “I think there will be one heck of a celebration.”