NRB | Museum of the Bible to Open Its Doors November 17; General Admission Is Free

On November 17, Museum of the Bible will open its technologically advanced, 430,000-square-foot museum just two blocks from the National Mall and three blocks from the U.S. Capitol.

And similar to the admission policies of museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History, Museum of the Bible will not charge a fee for general admission. Instead, it will suggest a $15 donation. Museum of the Bible will also offer guests the ability to reserve timed-entry tickets. Reservations for timed entry will be limited and are available to the public and to members of the museum at

“Our mission is to invite all people to engage with the Bible,” said Museum of the Bible President Cary Summers in a press release. “We can think of no more fundamental way to give people access to the treasures and experiences inside this museum than to offer public admission coupled with the ability to reserve timed-entry tickets.”

Using cutting-edge technology to bring the Bible to life, the non-sectarian, scholarly focused, international museum will illustrate how the Bible came to be, its impact on the world throughout the ages, and the story that is told in this best-selling book of all time.

The museum has eight floors, including expansive exhibit and gallery space, visiting libraries and temporary exhibit space, a restaurant and biblical garden, a grand ballroom, and event space. The museum houses the Green Collection, which boasts some 40,000 ancient biblical texts and artifacts — including one of the world’s largest private collections of Dead Sea Scrolls, the earliest surviving New Testament texts in Jesus’ household language, and other antiquities dating from the first century B.C. to Torah scrolls that survived the Holocaust. The museum also will display items borrowed from other prominent collections from around the world.

In addition, the museum features a state-of-the-art performing arts theater. The inspirational Broadway musical “Amazing Grace” will be the first production to inaugurate the museum’s World Stage Theater. The production, directed by the Broadway director Gabrielle Barre and Tony Award winner Christopher Gatelli, is slated for an eight-week run beginning with the first performances open to the public on November 18.

For the past two years, Museum of the Bible has been the Platinum Sponsor for the NRB International Christian Media Convention and offered exclusive glimpses of what the museum will have to offer through a special exhibit on the floor of the Convention’s award-winning Exposition. Museum of the Bible will return as the Platinum Sponsor once more at the next Convention, Proclaim 18 in Nashville, Tennessee.

To date, Museum of the Bible has been recognized by CNN as one of the most anticipated and beautifully designed museums opening in 2017; by as one of the “must-see” museums opening this year; and by Forbes as one of the top 100 nonprofits in the U.S. Other national media attention around the opening of the museum has come from TIME, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Fox News, and many other media organizations.

The museum offers numerous membership options, starting with the Basic Membership at $60 for an individual or $150 for families. The options continue up to the $1,000 Founding Champion level and beyond.

“Membership to the museum is a great way to get year-round early access to beat the lines and show your support for the Bible,” said Tony Zeiss, Executive Director of the museum. “Members make visitors possible and each individual or family who commits annually will give people from around the world access to engage with the history, narrative and impact of the Bible.”

A full breakdown of all available membership plans is available at

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