NRB | Thousands Join ‘March for Eternal Life’ in Downtown Dallas on Palm Sunday

On the night of Palm Sunday, nearly 3,000 Christians publicly declared their faith by marching through the streets of downtown Dallas in a “March for Eternal Life” organized by First Baptist Church Dallas.

Members of the church carried a giant illuminated cross to symbolize their belief that the message of Jesus Christ offers the only hope for our nation and our world.

“For the last 60 years, secularists have been on a crusade to eliminate any acknowledgement of God from the public square, and the result has been disastrous for our country,” stated Dr. Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of First Baptist Church Dallas, in a press release.

Noting that the annual march took place one day after the “March For Our Lives” event in Washington, D.C., that called for gun control legislation in an effort to end gun violence in the U.S., Jeffress said there may be a need for further gun regulation and background checks, but he compared those efforts to “putting a Band-Aid on a cancerous tumor.”

For our nation to truly see change, Jeffress said, “the hearts of the people in our country must be changed, which can be accomplished only through faith in Jesus Christ.”

Recently, high-profile individuals including Vice President Mike Pence have been attacked by the mainstream media for declaring that their personal relationship with Jesus Christ has changed their lives.

In response, Jeffress said it is time for this public shaming of Christians to end, and Sunday night’s march — which marked the beginning of the Christian Holy Week — was an opportunity for believers to publicly celebrate the message of Christ.

He also noted in an email to the Dallas Morning News that it was coincidence that the March for Eternal Life – which he began planning for more than a year ago – was scheduled on the same weekend as the March for Our Lives.

“[B]ut — perhaps — it was providence,” he added.

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