NTD: China In Focus

since they’ve been in existence Soviets tried to do it they’re officially atheist state. >> They were trying to kill the Russian Orthodox Church at first and >> then they kind of tried to figure out how to manipulate it. >> They just they’re never going to be successful. It’s the kingdom of God versus the kingdom of man. >> These are separate spheres. You’re never they’ve never been successful in they won’t be there before time they’ll be able to lock up pastors increase they’ll be able to intimidate people for a while but inside there still that yearning of the soul that a person has undergone. There’s something else here that I want. That I need that is what my existence is actually about an over 80% of the world’s population follows the faith of some type their journey and they’re seeking it’s within the heart of man. And government said particularly common as governments try to subdue that put it down and feed people cake and at the end of the day, it’s just not enough. >> So what is it about these face, especially that so terrifying to say Communist China they saw take down the Soviet Union. >> They saw what happened in Poland when the pope now Saint John Paul goes to Poland and says be not afraid. The the Communists were dead in Poland from then on. Because the people at why am I afraid of the skies. Yes, they’re in power. But there are a lot more of us than there are of them. They studied the situation of how these governments fall. Then it happens in a number of different places where what he really happened in the Roman Empire, if you look at it the Christians were persecuted within the Roman for a long period of time and then they eventually end up taking it over because just the witness of their faith the beauty of their soul. Their willingness to go out and sacrifice for other people and and people see that they they look at that and go. That’s different now why are you different. And when they hear about that may see a person’s genuine love for somebody else it just co that’s what I want. That’s why they can’t subdue it as much as him of trying to lock people up they’ll be people they’ll kill people. They’ll go of the putsch in second class citizen status. All that’s been tried done. And ultimately it never works and so from the individual level what can people do to try and help. Yeah I think the first thing has become aware. And finally there’s so many people from other places around the world that are here in the United States now you can find people in your own community that know people in Afghanistan or. Syria or that have been Vietnam or that know somebody that’s been persecuted. >> And become aware invite him into your community go to a program come to the international religious freedom summit. And then start activating on a particular cause maybe it’s the real being kicked out of Burma that maybe it’s the week or 2. 5 years ago people didn’t know what a weaker who leaders I think that’s the first thing and then once that activism start sun and pray for people that that you want them to be free and experience. The freedom to be able to pursue with their own soul, what they see fit. >> This Friday marks the 25th anniversary of Britain handed Hong Kong back to the Chinese regime. For Hong Kong the switch came with a promise from Beijing. Now Hong Kong artist that fled his home tells and Dee Dee what happens when promises aren’t kept at the act and brings us more on this. >> Just 400 miles from Hong Kong Taiwan saw an influx of Hong Kong was recently long wink he was one of them. This former Hong Kong book store owner was detained by police in China for 5 months for selling sense of the books about the Communist Party. >> But I think by the when the British you were rooting Hong Kong mind they didn’t give us true democracy or the power to vote. But at the British heart Congo’s a fairly large space to be free. So the problem now it’s not that Hong Kong doesn’t have anything more to see it doesn’t even have any freedom by when Hong Kong reverted to Chinese control in 1997 China have promised to rule the city within the one country 2 systems framework for 50 years. That’s meant Hong Kong would retain its own legal and political system and freedom of speech that is unmentionable in mainland China. I was deceived. I was lied to. >> Like many off the whole back in 1997. >> After the pro democracy protests in 2019 China imposed a national security law that has left activists and others living in fear of arrest for speaking out. Hong Kong still