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in 1997. American teenager Coco gauff who lost of spirit taken the French Open finals earlier this month. Also advanced to the second round. On the men’s side green good to me child had retire with a leg injury in the second set despite winning the first set and last year’s runner-up that he’ll bear it he dropped out after experiencing flulike symptoms and testing positive for COVID-19. Their team is the second high-profile start to be out with covid following 2014 us Open champion. Marin so much. Meanwhile we’re all feeling the doll has won the last 2 majors won his first-round match in 4 sets. And in baseball Phillies star Bryce Harper is out indefinitely after being hit on his thumb with the 97 mile an hour fastball from pod rays starter Blake snow Saturday night. >> Harper whose thumb was broken will undergo surgery to repair. The 2 time MVP has been limited to designated hitter duties this year because of the UCL tear in his right elbow that’s prevented him from playing in the outfield. >> Philadelphia’s 3rd in the NL East with a 39 to 35 record and won 17 of their last 23 games under new manager Rob Thompson. Elsewhere in the league Dodgers first baseman Freddie Freeman fired his agency excel sports management according to multiple sources. Freeman who spent the first 12 years of his career in Atlanta winning league MVP in 2020 and the World Series with them last year shocked the industry when he signed with the Dodgers in the offseason Los Angeles got the 32 year-old switch teams. The six-year 162 million dollar contract. The deal came in March after talks between the Braves and Freeman strips broke down in Atlanta then pivoted to trade for open first baseman Matt Olson. Freeman reportedly reached out to teammates expressing shock at how the negotiations broke down. He and the visiting Dodgers came back to Atlanta this past weekend. The first time in what was an emotional reunion for the longtime brave. That’s all for sports is today. Back to you Steph. >> Thanks Dave and this just in from Wimbledon, 23 time grand slam champion Serena Williams has been upset in the first round the 40 year-old Williams was playing her first match in nearly a year. She felt unseeded harmony 10 in 3 sets. And coming up the U.S. Air Force is reactivating a squadron with F 35 fighter jets. >> They say this is due to China’s development of advanced fighter jet technology. And that’s the G 7 summit closes Boris Johnson condemns the missile strike on a shopping center in Ukraine it says Britain will not end up at war with Russia. Stay tuned for more after the short break. >> A nation speaks we don’t just scratched the surface we want to go wide and deep. Our viewers come away with a much richer understanding of the issues of the day we really make a big effort to bring on different voices on to the show we don’t just talk to experts and news makers which are certainly important. We also want to hear from the American people so the people who are impacted by the policies and issues that we’re talking about because what they have to say is just as important to the National conversation. >> The international religious freedom summit kicked off in Washington DC this week. The summit highlights religious persecution that’s happening around the world. And he’s Tiffany Meyer spoke with the co-chair of the summit who is also the U.S. ambassador for international religious freedom under the Trump administration. Let’s take a look. >> Sam Brownback served as the U.S. ambassador at large for international religious freedom from 2018 to 2021. His job was to monitor religious persecution is around the world and advise the president on us policies. >> It’s the one entity that can get enough allegiance from people and people behind them that they can stand up to a government. Governments don’t like that. Wherever they are particularly Communist governments that are of atheistic they don’t want anybody practicing the faith that would mean there’s a higher authority than the government. >> Brownback explains to an tdy some governments tend to dislike religion. Brownback says atheist communist regimes in particular have tried to eradicate religion and these regimes have also tried to manipulate the churches but he adds that they have never been successful. >> They’ll be able to intimidate people for a while but inside there still that yearning of the soul that a person has and they’re going there’s something else here that I want.