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prime example. >> Yeah. I think it’s pretty clear peopledon’t want to switch over to e. V.S. hopefully we can push back on that. Interesting to see how it shapesup on that. Thank you for joining us. Always a pleasure. >> Thank you. >> Coming up next, toxicfashion, how clothes are makingus sick and how we c back. We’ll be back in two minutes. >> Welcome back everyone. Investigate tiff journalist is sounding the alarm on fast fashion industry. Alden author of the new book todie for how fashion is making ussick and how in her book she reveals howclothing manufacturing are usingmaterials filled chemicals and affects our healthand not talked about and ifanything is bein this is not a conspiracy. The author said she was supposedto go on the news and promoteher book and t the interview the network canceled here. >> I was supposed to go on airto talk about to die for howtoxic fashion is m and how to fight back. I was practicing my questionsand an and went throughinterview training and h face of ridiculous tv makeup andhair done. 20 minutes before I was supposedto leave to go to the newsorganization in ma found out that the legal hadgotten involved, lawyers hadgotten involved and segment because they’re tooafraid that they’ll get sued byclothe manufacture >> I thought they were supposedto care about our health right? Or only when it fits their agenda. Isabel brown joins me now. Thank you for being with me. Great to have you. >> Thank you for having me. >> I discovered the report because of the excellent reporting of fast fashion and harmful affects it’s having on the consumer. Can you tell us what we areexperiencing when we buy from alot on amazon? >> It’s a shocking reality whenyou ask what is in our projectwe put on our