One News Now | Are Google, YouTube above the law?

A lawsuit against Google and YouTube has major implications for the nation.

Prager University – a conservative nonprofit digital media organization that offers videos and teaching supplements —  has filed a lawsuit against YouTube and parent company Google.

According to the university, YouTube censored its videos – something Liberty Counsel Founder Mat Staver insists should not be happening.

“The same subject matter is being allowed by YouTube, but from a particular viewpoint that is leftist oriented,” Staver noted. “So, you can very well see that this is political correctness that has gone awry, and it’s viewpoint censorship on a subject matter.”

Meanwhile, Staver maintained that this lawsuit not only raises a federal legal claim, but also a free speech claim.

“In California, it’s one of the few states in the country that applied free speech principles to private shopping malls,” he also pointed out. “That idea was these are the new, modern public forums like the streets, sidewalks and parks. And what is the modern public forum now more than a shopping mall? It’s YouTube.”

The lawsuit was filed in California, where both YouTube and Google are located.

“When you put that kind of power into a monopolistic superhighway information channel, and they arbitrarily make these censorship decisions, two things have to happen: One, they have to exercise responsible actions for being neutral, or two, they’re going to get sued – and that’s really what is happening here,” Staver explained. “So, this is a big case that we all should watch, and I think it’ll have a big impact around the country.”

The law firm of Browne-George-Ross is representing Prager University, which is receiving legal consultation from Liberty Counsel.

Google did not respond to OneNewsNow’s request for comment.

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