One News Now | Building an awareness of the persecuted

A Christian author has released a new devotional book that challenges believers to learn about the Persecuted Church and pray for suffering Christians around the globe.

With the rapid escalation of Christian persecution worldwide, Rev. Johnnie Moore believes believers need to do more than ever before to support those suffering because of their faith. He has written a 40-day devotional entitled We Are One: Walking by Faith with the Persecuted Church (Tyndale Momentum). He envisions Christians all across the globe taking a few minutes each day to read a story about persecution and then saying a brief prayer.

“We need to – in our own lives and in the lives of our family and in our church community – create a lifestyle of awareness of the Persecuted Church,” he urges. “We need to pray for them, we need to educate ourselves about them, we need to know their stories – and let their lives infuse our lifestyle somehow.”

Moore tells OneNewsNow that there’s a drastically different experience between being a Christian in America and being a Christian in places where some of the most gruesome atrocities are happening.

“And in those terrible places and in those terrible moments there are jewels of faith that we’ll only find – and I believe they’re the secret to living for Christ in our modern time,” he shares.

The 208-page devotional We Are One follows the release this past fall of his last book, also on persecution, entitled The Martyr’s Oath: Living for the Jesus They’re Willing to Die For.

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