One News Now | Jeffress: Israel-hating U.N. versus Donald Trump

President Donald Trump fired a warning shot at the United Nations last week, keeping a promise that it would be costly for countries that vote against the United States.

The U.N. has passed its budget for 2018-2019 $285 million dollars short of what Secretary General António Guterres asked for. Credit that to President Trump who, according to the White House, negotiated the deal as a rebuke to the U.N.’s backlash against the U.S. and its Jerusalem policy.

The response of the Trump administration is probably how most Americans would respond to that international body, says Trump advisor Dr. Robert Jeffress.

“And that is a measured response,” he says.

In fact, the $285 million is a mere one percent of the foreign aid America gives out to the countries that voted against it.

And while Jeffress says he was angered at the vote, he was hardly surprised. The U.N. will reflexively shut down anything Israel wants, he says.

Citing a study of U.N. votes from 2012 to 2015, Jeffress says the U.N. condemned individual nations 97 times.

“Eighty-six of those times,” he says, “those condemnations were against Israel alone.”

In 2017, he reports, the U.N. voted against Israel 21 times but only voted against North Korea, Iran and Russia once.

Asked why the U.N. has such hatred for Israel, Jeffress says one reason is that Israel is seen as a “proxy” for the powerful United States, so both are hated.

The second reason, he says, is strictly spiritual.

“We know that Israel is God’s chosen nation to carry out God’s purpose,” he says. “They hate the God of Israel.”

Put in simpler terms, he says the U.N. is anti-Semitic.

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