One News Now | Jeffress: Middle East peace trumps embassy move

Dr. Robert Jeffress, who sits on the president’s evangelical advisory board, says the move will happen eventually.

After announcing such a plan during the campaign, Trump this week signed the Jerusalem Recognition Act Waiver, delaying that move for at least six months.

Jerusalem is the historic capital of the Jewish people, and supporters of the embossing move say the gesture would symbolize that the U.S. recognizes Jerusalem belongs to Israel.

“Having the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem is the right thing to do,” says Christian apologist Alex McFarland. “I would urge the president to follow through on this campaign promise, like, yesterday.”

“I do believe,” Jeffress tells OneNewsNow, “that the Trump administration will eventually fulfil their commitment in moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. And I would just remind people that ‘not now’ doesn’t mean ‘never.'”

Congress passed the Jerusalem Recognition Act in 1995, and every U.S. president since then has blocked the move by framing the issue as a roadblock to peace in the Middle East.

Jeffress says that was likely the reason President Trump signed off on the delay – coming days after a trip to Arab nations in the Middle East meant to lay the foundations of a peace deal.

“Those of us who read the Bible and understand it,” says Jeffress, “know that there’s not going to be any lasting peace until the Prince of Peace comes. We recognize that. And yet I believe a temporary peace is better than no peace.”

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