One News Now | Jeffress: There is a reason tomb is empty

This coming Sunday is Easter, or Resurrection Sunday. And it also happens to be April Fool’s Day.

Using that coincidence, Pastor Robert Jeffress views an opportunity to discuss the history of the Resurrection in the pulpit Sunday morning with the sermon topic, “The Resurrection: Foolish, Fake News, or Fact.”

Jeffress, who pastors First Baptist Church in Dallas, shared his sermon plans, and discussed the Resurrection, on the “Janet Mefferd Live” program on Monday.

“There is objective evidence outside the Bible that this occurred,” he told the radio host. “And if it really happened, that has a profound implication, not just for Christians but for everybody.”

Jesus’ resurrection was proof, says the pastor, that He was who He said He was, the Son of God.

“And if He’s who He said He was, then it means that everything He said is true, including saying in John 14:6 that faith in Him is the only way to God,” the pastor continued. “So we’re trying to address skeptics, and invite skeptics, to come this Sunday to understand why there is evidence that Christ arose from the dead and what that evidence means to their lives.”

That evidence, said Jeffress, includes the early acceptance of the Resurrection message.

“The gospels were written between 40 to 60 A.D., and the fact that that message was embraced and eagerly accepted, and that Christianity grew and grew, proves the fact that the faith is built on fact and not a lie,” he explained.

Still more evidence is the empty tomb itself.

If people had stolen the body, or knew where it was, Jeffress said they could have produced it on the streets of Jerusalem when Peter was preaching his sermon at Pentecost.

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