One News Now | Jeffress: Trump stood with Evangelicals in ’17

January 20 marked the one-year mark in President Donald Trump’s presidency and despite all the naysayers, he’s getting high marks from Evangelicals.

“Because of you, tens of thousands of Americans have been born and reach their full, God-given potential,” Trump declared from the Rose Garden the day before, when he became the first sitting president to address the March for Life.

It’s one of many firsts that this president has given his evangelical base according to presidential advisor Dr. Robert Jeffress.

“[Trump] signed the most sweeping executive order regarding religious liberty in history. He is continuing to appoint conservative justices and judges to the courts,” says Jeffress, who has access to Trump but does not describe their private conversations.

Early in the 2017 GOP primary, in a political field flooded with other GOP candidates, Jeffress instead backed Trump. The reason, he said at the time, was that the brash, real estate tycoon was the only GOP candidate who could defeat Hillary Clinton in the General Election.

Other 2017 accomplishments rattled off by Jeffress include recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, “decimating” ISIS terrorists in the Middle East, and “reinvigorating” the U.S. economy.

Trump, says Jeffress, “is doing everything he promised to do.”

In many ways, the Southern Baptist pastor says, President Trump’s standing with Evangelicals is stronger today than it was a year ago when they helped him into office.

“Sure some people want to ding him about the language, or this or that,” Jeffress says, “but if you look at his policies – and I think that’s what we have to look at – I think his first year has been a tremendous success.”

If this year is successful as 2017, he predicts an “A-plus” for Trump at the end of 2018.

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