One News Now | McFarland hopes Floyd election good sign for SBC

The Southern Baptist Convention has chosen a former convention president to lead its executive committee.

Ronnie Floyd was elected April 2 in a ballot vote that gave him 68 of 69 votes, Baptist Press reported.

He will reportedly leave Cross Church in Arkansas to head up the committee and its task of leading the denomination in growth, missions and evangelism.

Christian apologist Dr. Alex McFarland, who has been critical of the SBC and its leftward drift in recent years, says Floyd is a proven leader who will cooperate with others.

“He’s a leader who is unequivocally committed to the gospel,” McFarland says, “and his position bodes very well for the future of the Southern Baptist Convention.”

After four decades in the ministry, Floyd is well-connected and respected in Southern Baptist circles.

In addition to planting 148 churches and baptizing 22,000 people in his 33 years at Cross Church, he served as the president of the National Day of Prayer Task Force since 2017.

He also sits on the board of directors at Family Research Council in Washington DC.

MacFarland says he and others have voiced concern about influential SBC leaders who “speak a little too much” about social justice and other liberal causes, but he sees Floyd’s appointment as a “corrective” for the theologically conservative denomination.

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