One News Now | No protests, no speeches … just prayer for America

Evangelist Franklin Graham says for believers, the most important weapon is prayer – and that’s what he and thousands of his brother and sisters in Christ were doing in America’s capital today: praying … for America.

The focus of Prayer March 2020 from the Lincoln Memorial to the U.S. Capitol – a walk of just under two miles – was prayer. That’s in contrast to the disorderly and sometimes violent protests that have been occurring in America’s larger cities in recent weeks and months.

Participants numbering in the thousands – including about 2,200 students from nearby Liberty University – began gathering at the Lincoln Memorial Plaza at 11:30 Eastern time for what was estimated to be approximately two hours of walking and silent prayer. There were no amplified speeches from a podium during the march – only quiet, solemn prayer; and no placards or political signs supporting any candidate or party.

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