One News Now | Normalization makes us numb to sex industry

Business is booming for child predators in foreign countries – but a Virginia-based Christian ministry is working to reduce the problem.

Young girls and women in countries such as Thailand and India often won’t dream of a good future because many of them will be sold – knowingly or otherwise – into the trafficking industry, which has estimated revenue of $99 billion a year.

Noel Yeatts, president of the anti-trafficking organization World Help, tells OneNewsNow one factor fueling that industry is what people view.

“While I would not go so far as to say that Hollywood is driving this industry,” she shares, “I do believe that some of the movies and TV that we watch has normalized porn and the sex industry in such a way and to a point our culture is becoming numb to the epidemic of trafficking and the sex industry.”

According to the U.S. Department of State, America is the leading consumer of porn, including child porn that also exploits the victims. Yeatts explains that World Help is trying to rescue the young girls (some as young as nine years old), with a goal of 500 this year – but just as important, the organization is trying to prevent it from happening before it even begins.

“… Through child sponsorship programs, [we] are interrupting these kids’ lives with freedom at a young age to where they can receive an education and the help that they need so that they never have to make this choice in the future,” she says.

The girls are seeing Christianity first hand, as they leave trafficking behind while being equipped to do so. World Help has two centers in Thailand and one in India.

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