One News Now | Pastor vows to protect religious liberty at the ballot box

The leader of a Hispanic ministry says the Left is openly attacking the fundamental right to free speech, including the right to preach from the Bible.

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, who leads the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC), is embarking on a 30-city tour to warn Hispanic churches about the ongoing threat to religious liberty and mobilize them to defend their faith.

What concerns him? Elected officials in Ramirez’s home state of California, where Christian schools are in danger of losing accreditation, and licensed Christian counselors face punishment by the state.

“There is an attempt,” warns the pastor, “to silence – to muzzle – those of us who believe in the centrality of Christ, in biblical orthodoxy, that believe the Word of God is the word of God.”

Rodriguez, who pastors a Sacramento church, has become well-known in recent years for advising President Donald Trump on illegal immigration and publicly asking the president for a legal but compassionate approach to the hot-button issue.

Rodriguez also leads more than 40,000 Hispanic congregations via the NHCLC, and he is hoping to get the attention of candidates who are wooing Hispanic voters, many of them Bible-believing Christians.

The pastor and national leader tells OneNewsNow those church-going Hispanics represent a “firewall” against what Rodriguez calls “secular totalitarianism” that is opposed to biblical orthodoxy.

“Here’s the commitment: We will not vote for any presidential candidate, or any state candidate,” says Rodriguez, “that is not fully committed to protecting religious liberty for generations to come.”

Alliance Defending Freedom is working with Rodriguez and NHCLC to write a manifesto addressing religious liberty, then challenge the presidential candidates to sign it.

“It’s not driven by donkeys or elephants,” he says, referring to the two major political parties. “It’s driven by our commitment to the Lamb.”

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