One News Now | Pastor’s End Times warning emblazons Times Square

Instead of an ad for another popular beverage or the newest piece of technology glowing from the Times Square jumbotron billboard in New York City, an End Times message of warning from megachurch pastor Dr. David Jeremiah is beaming down on thousands of passersby, who are being asked “Is This the End?”

The question also serves as the title for a new book published by Jeremiah titled Is This The End? Signs of God’s Providence in a Disturbing New World.

The best-selling author and senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church, located in El Cajon, California, is reaching out to New Yorkers and other Americans this month at the world-famous location in the Big Apple and alerting them that — according to the Bible – world events are indicating that our time on this planet is quickly coming to a close.

Begging the question

The biblical alert and current indications of the End Times are presented in Jeremiah’s latest book, which answers two key questions about the Last Days, which he says are already upon us.

The first section of Jeremiah’s newest work focuses on answering whether the end of America as a nation is near, while the second part addresses the question of whether the end of the world is close at hand.

Bringing up the events taking place around the world today that serve as warning signs given through the pages of Scripture, Jeremiah says that just taking a look at the global news on any given day can lead one into a sense of hopelessness outside of their biblical context.

“It’s easy to look at today’s headlines, both in America and around the world, and get discouraged,” Jeremiah expressed in a statement about the Last Days that he issued on Tuesday.

However, he maintained that when the events going on today are analyzed with a biblical perspective and weighed against God’s Word, things begin to make sense.

“It all goes back to Scripture,” Jeremiah maintains. “When you think of ISIS or the resurgence of Russia, there are clues in Scripture about what God thinks about these issues.”

The Southern California pastor contends that putting one’s faith in governments, agendas and popular movements in this world is futile, but when one puts his or her faith in God and His divine plan, confidence sets in and there is no need to worry about what the enemy can or will do.

“There is incredible hope in the providence of God – in remembering that His plan is much bigger than terrorism, politics and America, too,” Jeremiah stressed.

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