One News Now | PK’s reboot: For the men who were boys back when

Promise Keepers is planning its first stadium event since 1998 – and the men’s ministry is hoping to fill AT&T Stadium in Dallas next year.

For those who attended the stadium events in the 1990s, Promise Keepers rallies left an indelible mark as thousands of men rededicated their lives to Christ and to their families. Chairman and CEO Ken Harrison says there’s already a buzz about the reboot.

“[We’re] rebooting, coming out of a coma – however you want to put it,” he tells OneNewsNow. “I’ve had literally hundreds of men who I’ve talked to – many of them in tears – talking about how much they’ve missed Promise Keepers.

“The feeling of hearing 70,000 men singing ‘Amazing Grace’ together is something you just can’t replicate.”

Instead of replicating it, they plan to top it. On the weekend of July 31, 2020, 80,000 men will fill the home of the Dallas Cowboys – many of them second-generation attendees who came with their fathers 20-some years ago.

“That was the weekend they saw their dads truly authentic and vulnerable, repenting in tears and telling their sons they love them,” Harrison shares. “And they say, Man, I so desperately want to be able to bring my son to that event.”

Instead of a dozen or so stadium events each year, Harrison says there will be one per year that is simulcast across the country to local churches and auditoriums.

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