One News Now | Rodriguez: Don’t expect many illegals to chance voting

While some groups have shown the possibility of voter fraud certainly exists, an evangelical advocate for Hispanics argues it’s unlikely that very many illegal immigrants from that community will attempt to vote on November 8.

Allegations of voter fraud are being thrown around this election cycle – and at least one recent WikiLeaks email seem to indicate there’s some chance the Democrats are encouraging illegal immigrants to vote. In an email dropped by the hacking site WikiLeaks, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta seems to indicate the campaign would be okay with illegals showing up on Election Day with a photo ID, claiming they are citizens, and voting.

That would seem to support the widespread belief that Democrats push against closing U.S. borders and oppose voter integrity laws so the party can grow the voter rolls.

While Rev. Samuel Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference admits there may be isolated cases here and there, he says the possibility of illegal aliens voting this time around is minimal.

“These are individuals, in the vast majority, who have a hard time going one mile over the speed limit because they fear getting deported,” he explains to OneNewsNow. “Do you think these same individuals would have the audacity of going before a voting booth and attempting to vote?”

The penalty for illegally voting is a fine and up to a year in prison – and possible deportation. For these reasons, the evangelical leader believes there’s very little chance of masses of illegal immigrants flooding the polls.

“It would be an anomaly,” he states. “It would require one of these undocumented individuals to be heavily on drugs or out of their minds. They would not want to jeopardize being deported by engaging in such foolish and illegal activity.”

While Rodriguez may be confident that few, if any, illegal immigrants will take a chance on voting, the Public Interest Legal Foundation has revealed that thousands of foreign aliens are registered to vote in Philadelphia. And the Election Law Center found similar non-citizen voting infractions in eight Virginia counties.

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