One News Now | Trump’s SOTU buttresses NDP’s call for Church unity

Arkansas pastor Dr. Ronnie Floyd, who serves as the current president of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, argues that there was something in the president’s speech that every American can celebrate – stressing that it laid down an optimistic vision for a better America.

“What the president talked about was unity in our country – really, in the most powerful way and most compelling way I’ve ever seen him do it before,” Floyd stressed. “I thought the speech was exceptional. I think it’s historic. I think that most people who heard it know that that was a pretty significant speech.”

Floyd told OneNewsNow that the Church – first and foremost – needs to unite, and as the Church goes, so goes the nation.

“And I think that one of the reasons the nation is divided is to somewhat [the] degree [to which] the Church is divided, [and] that’s not healthy,” the Christian leader expressed. “That’s not what Jesus wants out of His Church, according to John 17.”

Floyd maintains that it is through the supernatural power of God that unity takes place, and he believes that God is leading officials with the National Day of Prayer, which takes place on May 3, to call America to unity.

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