One News Now | Update on Bahamas: ‘Everything was taken’ from them

Nearly two months after Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas, a recovery worker says the clean-up is still far from over.

Noel Yeatts, president of World Help, tells OneNewsNow it is hard to describe the level of devastation.

“Everything was taken from these people,” she says, “and in some of these islands there’s nothing left, and nothing for them to go back to, unless someone intervenes and helps them to rebuild.”

World Help is providing emergency relief supplies such as bottled water, food, and hygiene items.

One example of the devastation is the story of a husband and wife, and their 9-year-old son.

“They’ve lost not only their home, they’ve lost their jobs. They have no place to work because that all has been destroyed as well,” Yeatts advises. “Their son can’t go to school because his school was destroyed, and they were so grateful that they were together as a family and alive when they had seen so many other people in their community pass away.”

The relief effort is demanding a commitment for the long haul, she says, most likely taking years to help everyone in the Bahamas rebuild.

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