One News Now: Vote ‘biblically correct,’ urges Duck Dynasty’s Robertson

Christian star Phil Robertson of the hit television series Duck Dynasty is imploring Christians to vote for the “biblically correct” presidential candidate while hinting at Donald Trump, as he alerts Americans that their nation is facing the greatest “assault on Christianity” he has ever witnessed.

The reality TV celebrity was recently asked in a video question-and-answer session set up by former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson’s nonprofit organization My Faith Votes whether he thought rising secularism in the United States is the “greatest assault on Christianity” he has ever seen.

“Yes it is — no doubt about it,” the founder of Duck Commander responded to the question from an Illinois viewer.

Voting for good or evil …

The reality TV star was alluding to recent attacks on the Christian faith, including United States Armed Forces members being punished for expressing their religious beliefs and a high school football coach in Bremerton, Washington, who was fired for praying. But he noted that the attack on faith in the United States is the fault of every American citizen — not just politicians and national leaders.

“The people that get elected and are sent to Washington, D.C., to represent us, the United States citizens — we are the ones that put them in there,” Robertson insisted, according to The Christian Post. “The problem is not so much the ones that end up in there — the politicians — it is the people who put them in there.”

The reality TV personality said Americans must be wary about who they cast their ballot for.

“We elect people,” he continued. “Well, if you elect depraved souls, you are going to get depravity. That’s just the way it works.”

Robertson went on to address how there is an increasing resistance to Christians — who ascribe to a political worldview based on the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ on issues such as abortion and marriage — especially with local, state and federal governments pushing their secular agenda in virtually every venue of late. But he said pressures by the government will not sway his biblical mindset and convictions.

“Remember, everything I do is vetted through the Bible,” the devout Christian impressed. “When God says ‘don’t murder,’ I’m taking it for what He said. Therefore, don’t kill your children in their womb. It’s murder, so, don’t murder.”

After addressing the Christian stance on abortion, Robertson touched on marriage.

“Get married to someone of the opposite sex,” he advised. “Keep your sex right there. You’ll never get a sexually transmitted disease. I would vote for someone who believes that. And the list goes on and on and on.”

Robertson then suggested that the term “secularism” is merely a euphemism for something much darker that is designed to win the spiritual warfare going on in America for Satan.

“You call it secularism — I just call it ‘the evil one,’” the outspoken actor reasoned. “The evil one that controls human beings … That’s what I call it. So when you see a lot of murder and you see a lot of lies, you say, ‘According to Jesus, the Son of God, He said you can attribute that to the devil’s work.’”

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