One News Now | Voting with knowledge – and Godly wisdom

Christians are being urged to consider the impact they could have in the midterm elections by simply doing their homework and showing up at the polls.

The non-partisan organization My Faith Voteswas formed to inspire and motivate followers of Christ to vote. CEO Jason Yates says the movement was born out of the knowledge that 25 million Christians who were registered to vote in 2012 did not show up at the polls. Four years later, Christians made a huge difference at the ballot box, according to Christian pollster George Barna.

Yates explains that Christians have another opportunity in the midterms to shape both houses of Congress. “But beyond that it’s governors, it’s mayors, it’s school boards, it’s judges – 10,000 elections,” he emphasizes. “That’s a huge amount of influence that Christians can bring to bear in November.”

Yates predicted earlier this year that turnout in November will be down considerably from the record 139 million in November 2016  – and he points out now that in midterm elections it’s not unheard of that only ten percent of the community shows up to vote.

For those very reasons, he’s calling on Christians to do three things: think, pray, and then vote.

“Get informed – understand your options and think about the issues from a biblical worldview,” he lists. “Pray for the nation, for your community, pray for the leaders – consistently pray for them. And [then] pray about your vote so that God can give you his wisdom in the choices you have to make – and then to vote and vote with consistency.”

Yates explains that his organization’s website make voting resources easily available – leaving “really no excuse” for believers not to get out and vote.

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