One News Now | Will the U.S. ever grant asylum to Bibi?

The acquittal of a Christian woman in Pakistan did not free her from danger and the Trump-led White House is feeling the pressure to grant her asylum.

Asia Bibi was acquitted of blasphemy charges last year, freeing her from the death penalty, but she has not been allowed to leave the country and militant Islamists, who protested the acquittal, want her dead.

“If the United States is ever going to stand for asylum in a particular case, this one really should be it,” says Jason Yates, CEO of My Faith Votes.

It’s no secret the Trump administration wants to please evangelical voters after the 2016 election, but Bibi’s case has remained quiet despite the administration demonstrating concern for persecuted Christians worldwide.

The push for Bibi’s release has come from sources such as Sen. Rand Paul,who personally talked to President Trump, to a National Review editorial.

Bibi’s attorney, Saif ul Malook, wrote in a Dec. 28 Washington Post op-ed that he expects Canada will grant her asylum. She spent Christmas in an Islamabad “safe house,” he reported.

The attorney fled Pakistan weeks ago for fear of his safety.

Yates tells OneNewsNow that he wants to see the U.S. demonstrate support for justice, and for Bibi’s religious freedom, by granting her asylum.

“Because we believe that ultimately it’s going to require asylum in her leaving the country in order for her and her family to live freely,” he says.

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