[Op Ed] BCNN1 | The Two Most Powerful Words In Acts 12 are the Words ‘But Prayer’

The church is fighting to find a way to make a difference. Methodologies are tested endlessly. Strategies are adjusted continually. Even theologies are compromised periodically. Each is nothing more than a frail attempt to make some kind of difference.

Yet, at our fingertips is the hope to make a difference. Stirred by the words of Acts 12:5, God has placed upon me what I believe is the most powerful action the church can take. What does Acts 12:5 say?

“So Peter was kept in prison, but prayer was being made earnestly to God for him by the church.”

Peter was just hours away from execution under the leadership of King Herod. While he was in prison, the church was praying. The Bible says the church was praying earnestly to God on Peter’s behalf. Which means that with great fervency and intensity, they were stretched out before God, crying out to Him to save the life of Peter!

The Most Powerful Action the Church Can Take Is Prayer

I ask you to say these words out loud as you read them: The most powerful action the church can take is prayer! Under the same conditions Peter faced, if they existed in our time, some modern churches would:

– Appoint a study committee to discover the needed actions

– Call a business conference to see what possible solutions may exist

– Contact an attorney to take some kind of legal action

What would your church do? I am convinced that the two most powerful words in Acts 12 are the words “but prayer.”

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