Opposing Views | Kirk Cameron: Bible ‘More Powerful’ Than Harry Potter

Actor Kirk Cameron announced on April 17 that the Bible is more powerful than any of the books owned by fictional character Harry Potter.

Cameron made his statement in a press release for the “National Bible Bee Game Show,” which premiered on April 4 on Facebook Live:

More powerful than any book on Harry Potter’s shelf, the Holy Bible has transformed people and nations for thousands of years. I was thrilled to host the National Bible Bee Game Show to bring more attention to these incredible young people who have devoted so much time to scripture memorization and proclamation.

My hope is that the National Bible Bee Game Show not only inspires young people all over the world to read and memorize God’s Word, but that they see it gives life, it heals, and transforms people wherever it goes.

The press release said that over 1 million people watched “the historic premiere” of the game show, which includes 72 young contestants, ages 7 to 18, who compete by memorizing up to 850 verses from the Bible over a period of 90 days. The young folks match their memorization skills to win $270,000 in prize money.

The shows co-hosts include Christian brothers Jason and David Benham, who have a history of anti-gay activism, noted Mother Jones in 2016.

“Watching these young people stand and recite Scripture from memory is incredible,” David stated.

Jason said, “And to do it with that level of boldness and confidence is truly inspiring.”

The show is sponsored by the Museum of The Bible, which is being built in Washington D.C. by Steve Green, the head of Hobby Lobby, the company that successfully battled against Obamacare’s birth control coverage mandate in 2014, reported CNN.

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