Outreach Magazine | Does Christianity Need to Be Saved?

A friend—let’s call him Jack—recently told me a story that broke my heart. I’m sure it breaks the heart of Jesus, as well.

“My wife found Christ and was baptized in a nondenominational community church,” Jack told me. “She grew up there, and she and I were married in that church by the pastor who founded it. The pastor was a godly man who preached the gospel. He taught the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, as the inspired Word of God.

“I remember sitting in his office with my bride-to-be for our premarital counseling. The most important thing he wanted to know about me was this: Was Jesus my Lord and Savior? Was I a genuine, Bible-believing Christian? Would the Bible have absolute authority over my conduct as a husband and as a Christian?

“Years went by, and that godly minister passed away. The church board called a new minister.”

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