Outreach Magazine | Don’t Lose Your Best People

February 19, 2020

When I served as a pastor, I would read the annual megachurch issue of Outreach magazine with great anticipation. The big church can make a big difference. And fast-growing churches are certainly getting something right. But if I’m really honest, I also read it with a little envy. “Life sure must be good once you’re in a big church.” “High growth sure must be fun.”

Then I served as senior pastor at a megachurch and learned that the grass isn’t always greener. Now, our team is honored to serve the majority of very large churches in the U.S., and in over a decade of helping them build their staffs, I’ve noticed one particular dynamic that is worse in big churches than it is in normal-size churches: turnovers in staff.

According to a recent study by Leadership Network, larger churches have problems retaining their employees. While reasons for turnover vary—and every church staff is unique—we’ve identified six leading reasons why large churches tend to have a high staff turnover rate, and offer here some potential solutions.

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