Pakistan Christian Post | Obama Administration Favor Muslim over Christian Refugees

Washington DC: September 16, 2016. (Veronica Neffinger) Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes in Syria and other areas of the Middle East due to persecution and ongoing conflict.

The U.S. recently met its quota of accepting 10,000 Syrian refugees, and plans to receive even more. However, reports are emerging that allege that the Obama administration favors Muslim refugees over Christians.

Johnnie Moore, the Christian author of the book Defying ISIS and president of the KAIROS Company, recently spoke about the threat Christian refugees are facing.

Moore denounced what he called the “Christophobic” way many leaders treat Christians and then accuse those who support the persecuted Christians of being Islamophobic.

“The United States of America has a moral obligation to speak up, and we’re not doing it, and it starts at the top,” said Moore. also reports that Christians make up around 10 percent of Syria’s population. However, less than one percent of the Syrian refugees received into the U.S. have been Christians.

According to the State Department’s Refugee Processing Center, in fact, only 56 refugees have been Christian, out of the 11,157 Syrian refugees welcomed into the U.S.

Some speculate that the Obama administration is deliberately welcoming more Muslim refugees than Christians.

Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch stated, “This is social engineering, not humanitarian relief.”

Moore agreed, stating that while Muslims who are under threat should receive asylum as well as Christians, “It’s not immoral to give special treatment to those facing a special threat.”

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