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he was crowded out by a farmer who became this cult figure almost in rural ohio. He got a fair amount of the vote. Neither could consolidate to really push dewine. Had there been a strong single challenger to dewine, maybe we be having a different story today. Geoff: J.D. vance now goes on to the general election in november. He will face congressman tim ryan, who represents a district in northeastern ohio. This is a state that donald trump won both times, 2016 and 2020, both by about eight percentage points. Last night in his victory statement, congressman ryan acknowledged he will have to appeal to republican voters. >> We made a guy who voted for trump twice a lifetime republican. I talked about reading china, about building things, about infrastructure in marietta. He got done and said this is the most refreshing political conversation I heard in five years, I’m voting for tim ryan because am tired of all this. John: what do you think of that race ahead? Kyle: ryan is from a part of the state that is traditionally democratic, a place that struggled with de-industrialization. A lot of that place — of those places across ohio have trended to republicans since donald trump became the leader of the party. In a year that looks like it will be republican leaning in ohio and across the nation, ryan will have to get a lot of crossover support. Vance does not strike me as a super week republican candidate the way some candidates have been in senate races in the recent past, most recently roy moore and alabama. Vance does not have those sort of horrible problems. I think vance would really have to mess this up or for the environment to change for him to lose this race. John: this was the first primary trump test this midterm season. We’ve got some primaries coming up where trump has made endorsements in competitive races, particularly in pennsylvania on the 17th he’s endorsed dr. Oz in the senate race. Georgia on may 24 he has endorsed a slate of statewide candidates. Are these states, or compare these states to ohio and the candidates and races to J.D. vance and his race. Is trump going to be able to replicate what happened yesterday in these states? Kyle: it remains unclear, but trump did stick his neck out on vance and ended up being rewarded for it. We will see what happens with dr. Oz in pennsylvania because thatace seemed pretty close when trump made his endorsement. It looks like brian kemp, the incumbent republican governor of georgia, who had a falling out with trupm — with trump, kemp is well over 50% in polling at this point. Trump has not gotten everything he wants in may, but he has gotten off to a good start. John: kyle, thank you very much. Kyle: thank you. Geoff: if roe v. Wade is struck down as a leaked draft memo from the U.S. supreme court suggests it could be, it’ll have a major impact in states across the country that have already signaled their intention to restrict or ban abortion. Younger women, those who are low-income and women of color will be the most affected. As you can imagine, anti-abortion and abortion rights advocates see the outcomes of doing away with roe differently. Joining us to share their views tonight are samuel rodriguez, an evangelical pastor who is also the president of the national hispanic christian leadership conference. And michele goodwin, law professor at the university of california irvine and the author of “policing the womb: invisible women and the criminalization of motherhood.” welcome to the both of you. In the conservative states that have already limited access to abortion, surveys and studies have shown its black and latina women and low income women who already face limited access to health care who will bear the brunt of it. Given that, what is your assessment of alito’s draft opinion? Michelle: you are right, it is black and brown women and people who are economically vulnerable who will suffer the grave consequences of what potentially could come from the supreme court, but it’s also people who experienced rape and incest, that type of sexual violence, who will also suffer because bans such as those in texas and the ban at issue in this case provides no exception for girls