Premier | Bishop Angaelos named president of the Bible Society

The leader of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the UK has been named as the new president of the Bible Society.

Bishop Angaelos will take over from former Bishop of London at the charity which works in over 200 countries with a mission to “bring the Bible to life for every man, woman and child”.

Commenting on his new role Bishop Angaelos said: “I consider it an incredible honour to serve as President of the Bible Society, an institution that has historically served to share the message of hope through the word of God.

“This is a time in which Britain, and our world needs the hope that can only come from the inspired message of God in the Scriptures, and it is up to us to be a faithful conduit of this life-giving message.”

Richard Chartres, who previously spent six years in the role before retiring said: “‘I am delighted that Bishop Angaelos is taking up this post. During my time as President, I have seen the organisation flourish and I am excited to see it enter a new phase, as it seeks to partner more closely with the missional work of the church in this country.

“With his passion for the work of the church here…particularly amongst young people and the marginalised, and his connection with an ancient Christian community that has suffered throughout its history for its loyalty to Jesus Christ, Bishop Angaelos is perfectly placed to share and promote the vision of Bible Society as it moves into the new work God has for the organisation both at home and abroad.”

Paul Williams, Chief Executive of the Bible Society shared his enthusiasm and said: “Bishop Angaelos, and the Coptic Orthodox Church which he represents in the UK, models a deep, prayerful spirituality that is characterised by its attentiveness to Scripture.

“The love for the Bible that is demonstrated day by day, in all of life, and in the midst of considerable hardship and suffering by Coptic Christians, is a challenge and inspiration for us all.”

Bishop Angaelos began his ministry in the UK in 1995 as a parish priest and became General Bishop of the Coptic Church in the UK in 1999.

He’s well known for his work in ecumenism and is internationally recognised for his role as an advocate for religious freedom and universal human rights.

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