Premier | Christian charity speaks out against Trump’s immigration reform

Christian humanitarian organisation, World Relief, has criticised U.S. President Donald Trump’s immigration reform.

The charity, which works with churches to help immigrants and refugee settle, has expressed concern about the proposed RAISE Act, which uses a point system to grant US green cards.

Applicants would have to get at least 30 points, as judged by their highest educational qualification, age, ability at English, future salary, investments and achievements.

The new act would try to reduce the number of legal immigrants to the U.S. to 50,000 a year.

Tim Breene, CEO of World Relief said: “We’re pro-security, pro-economy, pro-family. This bill, however, significantly undermines the value that immigrants bring to the U.S. economy, hinders the reunification of families in the United States and limits the U.S. response to the global refugee crisis the largest humanitarian crisis of our time for years to come.”

World Relief stated that if the RAISE Act is passed it would hinder the charity’s work in helping those fleeing violence and persecution.

Nearly 70 per cent of the refugee resettlement work of World Relief is in reuniting families which has welcomed over 250,000 refugees since its inception.

Breene added that a U.S. immigration revamp is needed but not in the form of the RAISE Act.

He said: “We support bipartisan efforts to reform the broken immigration system that goes beyond border protection alone and addresses the current problems of our immigration system, by looking at root causes of immigration, developing workable solutions and providing dignified relief to the millions of immigrants who are contributing to our communities.”

Scott Arbeiter, President of World Relief said: “When a nation of immigrants and refugees forsakes its past, it gives up its future. We cannot lose the heart of compassion that gave so many of our own grandparents hope and refuge.”

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