Premier Christianity | Pastor David Jeremiah says many churches have forgotten their purpose

The founder of Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries and senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church, told The Christian Post that he believed the Church was under “attack”.

“The Church is coming under attack; it’s forgotten what the Church is supposed to be,” Jeremiah said.

“We’re not an entertainment service; we’re not here to see how close we can get to what the world does.

“But there’s so much of the world in the Church and vice versa that we can’t tell a difference. We have to hold to the truth. We have to get nourished.

“If it’s not happening, you’re a social organisation and not a church.”

Pastor Jeremiah also advised churches to be less concerned with membership numbers and more prioritised with sharing the Gospel.

“There’s nothing wrong with getting people there, as long as you share the Gospel,” he explained.

“But there’s no glory in just a number. Don’t worship at the attendance altar.

“A lot of good things happen in churches when there aren’t huge numbers but the pastor has prepared a good message and there’s worship.”

He said focusing on numbers would inevitably stop preachers from sharing anything controversial and make them try to “figure out how to get more people to come”.

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