Press Release: Dr. David Jeremiah Announces His Decision on the 2016 Presidential Election

“On issue after issue we are witnessing a transformation of society before our very eyes all without the ability to stop it through the political process.  We are becoming a government not of the people, by the people and for the people but of the elites, by the justices and for the few.”
Dr. David Jeremiah
El Cajon, Calif. –   For twenty-two years Dr. David Jeremiah, New York Times bestselling author and founder of Turning Point – one of the largest syndicated Bible teaching ministries in the world – has called the attention of his church, Shadow Mountain Community Church, to the state of America during the July 4th weekend.
This year’s festivities felt the same in some ways.
They included the Posting of Colors, patriotic music by Gordon Mote, and a spectacular “indoor fireworks display.” More than 7,000 people attended the day’s celebration and its capstone, which was the honoring of hundreds of veterans in attendance. This year the honorees included 104-year-old Ray Chavez, the oldest living Pearl Harbor survivor.
Dr. Jeremiah’s message, however, was different.
With a sense of urgency he said to the thousands gathered, “This year, as we celebrate, we are embroiled in an election that is pulling at the very soul of our nation.”
Dr. Jeremiah continued, “For this election is no longer about Republicans or Democrats; it’s about Americans.  It’s about the ability to retain the freedom we are here today to celebrate, and as I’ve wrestled as to what to do and how to respond with the choice that is before us I have made my decision. I could tell you that I am going to cast my vote for the candidate who is most ready to deal with the immigration crisis that faces our nation, I might report to you that the issue we must be most concerned about is the protection of our nation from Islamic terrorists or the continued insurgency of ISIS.  You might expect me to vote for the nominee who convinces me of his or her support for Israel, or who I believe can lead us back from 19 trillion in national debt and 127 trillion in unfunded entitlement programs. While all of these issues are important, I have not determined for whom I will vote based upon any one of these things or even all of them put together.”
Dr. Jeremiah then spoke at length about what concerns him the most, “I believe this election is first and foremost about the candidate who will make the best appointments to the Supreme Court. That such a statement should be made tells us that something has gone seriously wrong. While both the executive and legislative branches of our government limits the number of years they can serve, under the U.S. Constitution the Justices of the Supreme Court serve for life…no justice has ever been removed by impeachment.”
The next president will have the opportunity to appoint at least two and probably even up to four justices, noted Dr. Jeremiah.
“It’s hard to believe just how disenfranchised voters in this nation have become.  On issue after issue we are witnessing a transformation of society before our very eyes, and all without the ability to stop it through the political process.  We are becoming a government not of the people, by the people, and for the people but of the elites, by the justices and for the few.”
Supreme Court Justices that do not embrace an originalist interpretation are akin to those who do not adhere to the divine inspiration of the Bible, according to Dr. Jeremiah. Those who do not embrace “original intent” can make the constitution say whatever they want it to say. They can read into it their own opinion and come out of that process with whatever they choose. “That’s what five of the unelected judges are doing as they they excerpt their influence over the court and over our nation,” Dr. Jeremiah said.
Put succinctly, America is, “now facing a judicial time bomb the likes of which we have never seen before.”
Dr. Jeremiah concluded his poignant fifteen-minute address:
“So what is before us now is not about one election. It’s about the heart and soul of our nation. We are a nation of laws, not a nation of dictators, but rest assured these Supreme Court Justices who sit on the bench for life wield more power than most of the kings and dictators in this world. In just 128 days we will elect the 45th president of the United States of America, and that President will appoint at least two, and possibly as many as four, justices.  My decision –  your decision – will affect our nation in ways that are more profound than any of us can imagine. That is why I must vote. That is why you must vote. It is your Christian responsibility. It is your American responsibility.
“You must not buy into the commonly heard excuse that, ‘I don’t like either candidate so I’m just going to sit this one out.’ We should know better. We tried this approach in 2012 when 25 million evangelicals – who were registered to vote – did not take the time to do it…The difference in the 2012 popular vote was less than 5 million votes, and 25 million evangelicals refused to go to the polls.
“The evangelical voting block is one of the largest –  if not the largest  – voting blocks in this country, but what difference does it make if those who are a part of that block never choose to go to the polls? When you vote in this year’s election you are not voting for someone who will serve as president for four or eight years, you are voting for someone whose Supreme Court decisions will affect us for decades to come.  You must decide who you think will appoint the best Justices for the Supreme Court, and then whatever else you may think of that person, you must vote. Donna and I have made our decision. If you care about the freedoms we celebrate today, you must make yours.”
Then Dr. Jeremiah concluded his message to a thundering applause, “My name is David Jeremiah and I approve this message.”