FAITHLIFE WANTS TO MAKE YOUR PASTOR MORE INTERESTING

                                                    The Makers of Logos Bible Software Launch

Bellingham, WA–  Today, Faithlife, the makers of Logos Bible Software, announced the launch of, a new website built to aggregate sermon content and to provide graphics, videos and other digital resources to pastors, bible study teachers and churches around the world. – like all of our product offerings – exists for a singular purpose – to serve the church.  While it has – and will have – numerous, helpful features it really only has two points of focus,” said Bob Pritchett, President of FaithLife.
Pritchett continued, “First, we want to invite every pastor in America to upload their sermon content because we believe – as the Bible says – that ‘iron sharpens iron’ and we want to be a digital community where pastors can hear each other and learn from each other.  Secondly, we are providing a steady stream of amazing digital resources that pastors can download and use to make their sermons more interesting. We’re not only providing pre-designed templates but the actual design files so that churches big and small can customize content to meet their needs.” is a companion product to FaithLife’s popular Proclaim presentation software which thousands of churches use to arrange and display worship lyrics, announcement slides and sermon notes.
For decades a lionshare of the nation’s pastors and scholars have leaned upon Logos Bible Software as their go-to study tool, providing them with their own personal library that rivals the resources available at the best universities in America.  The software is available in more than a dozen different versions providing customized resource packages, available both on the cloud and via native software solutions. Faithlife is also engaged in piloting major initiatives in the education and entertainment sectors through Logos Mobile Ed and Faithlife TV.
“We operate at the intersection of faith and technology, and we’re passionate about both. We are so pleased to bring yet another tool to faith community in this country, and there’s so much more to come.” said Pritchett.

FAITHLIFE CORPORATION has, since 1992, provided innovative, digital resources to the church and university communities.  The company grew from a few programmers in a basement to become the largest developer of digital tools for Bible study and theological scholarship in the world. It is an international leader in multilingual electronic publishing.

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