Press Release: Gospel for Asia Helps Rebuild after Devastating Mumbai Fire


March 15, 2016

Gospel for Asia Helps Rebuild after Devastating Mumbai Fire 

Fire Guts 2,000 Shanties Over 12 Acres

WILLS POINT, Texas – Gospel for Asia (GFA) supported workers continue to help residents affected by a terrible fire that – in December – razed 2,000 homes and killed multiple people in a poor area of Mumbai.

“In one terrifying instant, everything these families had was burned away,” said K.P. Yohannan, founder and international director of Gospel for Asia. “Our brothers and sisters are active in that area day after day, but their sense of dismay was quickly replaced by a determination to help in Christ’s name.”

An adult and a child were killed and at least 11 others injured after the massive fire broke out in an area of Mumbai.  The fire covered 12 acres leaving nearly 10,000 people homeless. The fire started after several propane cylinders, used to provide heat in area homes, ignited.

Immediately after the blaze, GFA-supporter workers began to distribute clothing, sleeping mats and other necessities, including water and food, to those whose homes were destroyed.  Many had nothing left but the clothes they were wearing.

GFA-supported workers gave construction materials, including bamboo, tin sheets, cement and sand to rebuild 16 homes affiliated with their children’s ministry. One mother told the workers, “We received the things, more than our expectation. Now with these items we can easily construct a shelter. Thank you so much!”

“We are grateful that we had an opportunity to demonstrate the compassion of Christ, both with our prayers and by physically being able to reach out and help,” said Yohannan.  “Christ called upon us to be His hands and feet to those in need, and we will continue to assist the fire victims as they rebuild their lives.”