PT Money | Medishare Review (2017 Update): The Affordable Alternative to Obamacare

Update (2017 Plan): Our experience with Medishare is still very positive.

Higher out of pocket expenses (given our $10,000 annual household portion, aka deductible), but significant savings on monthly premiums (our monthly share is $235 for our family of five).

Given the recent rise in premiums through the Obamacare exchanges, I know we’re continuing to see even greater savings by being a part of this program. We’re still with our same doctors and we’re still getting the care we need.

And for those keeping track, I have lost the weight to get out from under the additional health charge, putting $80 a month back in my pocket!

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Update (Dec 2014): We’ve been on Medishare for roughly seven months now. It’s been a positive experience.

In summary, we pay a bit more for our doctor visits, but it doesn’t compare to the premium savings we’ve experienced. We also continue to use the same medical professionals we’ve been using for years.

Lastly, if I can get my act together and lose some more weight, we’ll save an additional $80 a month on the premium (share).

When doing a straight cost comparison over the last seven months, we’ve saved $4,388. Here’s how that breaks down:

  • With Obamacare we would have paid a minimum of $7,700 ($1,100 x 7 months) in premiums.
  • With Medishare we’ve paid $1,960 ($280 x 7 months) in premiums.
  • Copays are roughly the same under both plans.
  • With Medishare

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