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purpose believing in one another, living our god-given abilities. Showing the world what it looks like, when it’s possible to be when you follow god when you it’s possible to be when you follow god, when you love your neighbor, , when you raise your family, when you live the right way if that’s what america was meant to be. And I think now as we are here tonight in the great american west, the land of the pioneers, the frontiersman, those very first pioneers, though stern puritans when they first came to our shores, I just think of them aboard the mayflower, scanning the horizon, looking for land. Are we there yet? Have we made it? They are looking for place of course to land and the place to establish their settlement, new city on the hill but they’re looking for more than that. They were looking for hope. There were looking for chance of a new future. They were looking for chance to live as god has called all of us to live. And I just sayay this to you tonight. Their dream that america might be that garden in the wilderness, that america might be that for foretaste of heaven, all these centuries later, that dream is still alive. That dream is now in our care, and whether it survives in four shows will depend on what we do in the days and years to come. And god help us, we will see that dream through. God bless you. Thank you for having me. And god bless the united states of america. Thank you so much. Republican presidential candidate and former arkansas governor asa hutchinson also spoke at the western conservative summit in denver. During his remarks he touted his experience in federal government under the reagan and george w. Bush administrations. His time as governor and his plans for the nation if elected. >> Please welcome presidential candidate and former governor of arkansas governor asa hutchinson. >> Listen, thank you, thank you. Iton is great to be here today. It is great to be in the west and it is great to be with a conservativee audience. That’s the combination here. When I began my political journey, ronald reagan was in the white house and bill clinton was governor of arkansas. Arkansas was different then. It was a blue state. I was a red dot and I look at my options in the future and I chose to follow the conservative path of ronald reagan that he pays for our country. The path ofor limited government, of opportunity, of individual responsibility, and a strong america. That is the republican party. That is thepa conservative movement that I grew up with. And it was an honor for me to be able to fight that battle in arkansas. My political journey started as a young united states attorney, the youngest in the nation at the age of 31. When I was appointed by president reagan. And that journey took me into a a terrorist camp in northern arkansas where the fbi gave me a bulletproof vest and said you might need this. And I was set out to help negotiate the surrender, or a standoff, with an armed terrorist group. I thought that battle. We put them in prison. I tried that case. As chairman of the republican party of arkansas when bill clinton was governor and then ran for president, I fought the battle for the conservative movement in our state trying to change it from a blue state to a red state. I had the honor of being elected to the united states congress, and as a member of congress I fought battles there as well. I fought the battle of the judiciary committee for pro-life laws that would come out of congress. I lead the impeachment trial of president clinton over in the senate. We balanced the budget in this country when I was the united states congress and we are long overdue from balancing the budget again. [applause] at president bush asked me to lead to congress to join his administration as head of the dea. And they understood the challenge of that families faced with methamphetamine, with drug abuse in our CDs, and I read that agency that I got there one month before the 9/11 attack occurred. And when that happened president bush asked me to go over and