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Trump kid was making millions from Ukraine while Donald Trump is in office. You know, getting wire transfers from Kazakstan oligarchs and and and that is the corruption that is the media mob very few honest people now left immediate journalism is dead. The Sean Hannity show afternoon two two right before John Thompson, a fire at an am 5 60 we enter balance of nature’s fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the World one life at the time. I’ming construction but you know, for the last year I was really track it I was blocking energy card taken now to nature and it really started making a huge difference it made me feel more energetic and bad no, I couldn’t feel better I feel like I’m 20 years old together I mean guys were like what Trump which you so you know I’m a believer in my body so I never do they were audit but there ought to it really does collect your body do what it’s supposed to do. It’s amazing it’s amazing what Donald for nature does Correa right now balance of nature is offering free shipping, and 35% off on any new preferred order call one 802 for 6.7 51 or good balance of nature Dotcom and used discount code, Chicago. Nothing is more important than your vote now news Max’s Sean Spicer and Lindsay case are exposing flaws in our voting systems and how to fix them. Watch. Spicer and company on Newsmax tonight for the real truth about your vote Newsmax is on all major cable systems check your guide or watch Newsmax on most streaming systems for your smart TV and download the free Newsmax app on your phone and start watching now Newsmax is your trusted news source. Tune in today and no small business setback chip to handwriting in the rain one thing on your mind D lose each receive customized coverage next. He’s just smacks your small business. It’s rough progressive commercial business without adequate in as little as 6 minutes progressive commercial. Tweet us your interest. We are going to hold people’s feet to summer is here and audible is ready, whether it’s about road trips were just return to your daily commute stream bestsellers new releases great originals and podcast all-in-one half try it free for 30 days at audible Dotcom 11 5 Let’s get an update on the roads. No team Hochberg traffic center time jim in elk Grove village North down L person road as lanes blocked over the ATMs to pull away because of gravel spill in doubt Eisenhower used heavy North Avenue to try skated Mannheim to fool Park Avenue after police activity was affecting the blueline 44 minutes from 3 92 downtown Chicago 29 for Wolf for 29 minutes to 3 90 candidate running 27 minutes O’Hare kidout record the expressing out on 27 as well. Stevenson of the veterans memorial tollway saw only a short drive. It’s 32 minutes outbound 23 Ryan 19 minutes 90 that stood out to out southbound Lake shore drive steady if Yo streaker Chicago Avenue into politics. I am 5 6 devious Dennis Prager is next am 5 60 weather center forecast warmer more humid clouds and son would maybe an afternoon thunderstorm high 84 worried about basement flooding time to offer a seal 804 to one SE AL 74 at O’Hare next news 11 30 dennis Praeger is next on am find 60 the answer The World the confusing place any clarity not confusion they need answers with dennis Praeger right medium for 60. Hi, everybody, I’m dennis Praeger the freighter real is on the ballot in California is a life saver of beef opponents of Devin Lucien question is whether