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Just African American parade in the country steps off at 10 a.m. near the corner of 35th and King drive in Washington Park the Grand marshal is Grammy-winning artist and Chicago native Jay I ve it received the award this year for best spoken word poetry album for the poet who sat by the door news is a service of Dan and Amy, 24 7, you can now enjoy uninterrupted programming from Dan prompted Amy Jacob sent around the clock all day every day including daily replays of Chicago’s morning answer listen now and and and Amy two for 7 . com I’m less claim and this is the Fox business report for prices at the wholesale level rose 3 tenths of a % in July of investor reaction that that led to a mixed day on wall Street. Now with a 105 point gains. S&p falling for it. Then there’s that closing 93 points lower FT X founder cenbank been freed was ordered jailed today to await trial after a bail hearing for the fallen cryptocurrency was after judge convinced that have repeatedly tried to influence witnesses against him use of Sunni tribes harassing key witnesses fraud case last month, defense attorneys tonight. Any such tampering self-driving car operators cruz and Waymo overseas we’ll pay from the California regulators to operate 24 7 in San Francisco. That’s your Fox business report I’m rich Dennison invested in me. Gallagher he says it’s not just political figures getting attacked. You hear the kind of victory all that they are directing towards all of the Republican candidates they want their coming after you and me they’ll hate them. They don’t hate Trump they don’t hate to Santa’s they hate Republicans hate Americans hate the country to begin with and who could down back to Mike gallagher show we get right before Dennis Prager I got 5 60 the answer I knew you love this place was a as healthy you just took a selfie with my new Samsung Galaxy flip side I can snap selfies well it’s folded shut and he is the best camera on the phone. It’s so small I can put it right back in my front pocket. Now it’s my pockets now it’s taking selfies. Oh, and the huge cover screen Let’s see your picks without opening it. You look you can fears I do look you confused your Galaxy seat with 5 now at the Samsung experienced or Roosevelt field Hey, craig and Leslie here from in the no, I love the barbecue but there’s nothing worse than running out a propane in the midst of cooking. It’s all about being prepared and that’s how we look at your retirement plan is absolutely that’s why our whole team that wealth mazing is fired up about helping you be ready tune in each week as we discuss practical ways to be ready for your retirement, finds that invest with WMD Dotcom and listen in the no Sunday morning to 10 right here on a.m. 5 60 bn Securities other to LPL financial member Finra SIPC to my newborn baby boy Dave arrived before the half these days of my life right up there with the day I Bob Harvey from that guy on the Internet and insured with progressive to deal just now sun always be here for you. End by here I mean from the middle of absolutely nowhere in my Harvey protect your baby with an army policy from progressive take as little as 4 minutes to see would you could say that progressive Dotcom progressive specialty insurance company and affiliates do you find yourself stuck in a timeshare get the real facts about the timeshare industry and your options for cancellation Chuck mcdowell, founder of Wesley financial group has put together a 3 information guide that reveals the secrets the timeshare industry doesn’t want you to know including the 5 ways to get rid of your time-share. Call now and get this time share information guide absolutely free coal 107.3 22 33 807.3 22 33 807.3 20 To 33 how can you get from here into there. We’ve got the answer from the a.m. 5 60 traffic off found veterans memorial to away before southwest highway, an accident, blocking the two left lanes traffic flows from 167 straight think Capers delay in the other direction the tri-state is also busy North and southbound but the Jane Adams and the reagan powerful fine on the app and evens no troubles the Kennedy after the airport hour and 5 from downtown and going out on the eyes now that’s just a little over an hour 3 90 from the Post office. Even for an hour and 15 to Saba lakeshore drive to 3 55 £ and Ryan circle and out to 95th a 30 minute trip 5th B7 South also slowing 52 route 17. Traffic is a service of the a.m. 5 60 mobile AFP listen to am 5 16 your smartphone or mobile device when you download the a.m. 5 60 mobile app at 5 two for the