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He does the Prager University videos he’s an ease a conservative activist and I think he’s very smart, and he does a really good job with the stuff I Unfortunately getting mixed up with two q it all the time. He’s completely different than you do it he’s somewhat different from hugh hewitt they’re both gray-haired kind of White haired older guys who are very serious practically all of the time and review of their lives. Smart conservative you know talkers name so this I hope to strike you like it did me. This is 2019, Dennis Prager is on bill Mars show bill Mar a dedicated man of the left an extremely bright guy and very very well-informed as were his guests Praeger is trying to tell them what the radical gender theory people believe and what they’re going to try to teach kids in. Scholes and he is practically last off the set. Because in 2019 this stuff was so obviously Looney tunes. Nobody could believe anybody believed it, much less that we’d be forced to spout this stuff Michael clips 76 maestro these are giant left-wing law you’re talk about degrees say that men can menstruate is a lie, and that is now. That is what is so not menstruate was considered tranche for I missed this host we’re getting just Google it conman Minister who is saying this. How do you allow men biological meant to run against women in the races in Connecticut and shut all the House so record they’re called men no nation I wouldn’t sit there but I would agree with you on that. The way you frame it is nonsense perfectly. I don’t know, you didn’t. What you’re talking about is Yes, someone who is trends. And it was a man now claims to be a woman as a woman OK is beating the out of other women in the race because of course they have more muscle mass and even Martina Navratilova came out and said this is ridiculous, might, might as well not have women’s board this is a far cry from saying men can Minister way where anyone OK that’s how striking is that well so the pendulum was still way back there and swinging toward the madness. At that point that wasn’t 1970 there’s 2019 right and like you said, you can tell from the crowd, which is a lefty educated crowd this will happen right like who would say that’s crazy run. How was I have them had ended up with kids in college spouting that very thing. 100% and now you dare not in corporate America or or state laws or federal laws are let me put it like this. They are now stating a birthing person because a man can have a baby a man can menstruate, a man can ovulate a man can have a baby because once you allow them to deny reality which is a man is a man who’s woman as a woman as I always say I don’t care if you’re but your family vision be you you’re fine but I’m not going to call a man and a woman just because they say I’m a woman. That’s I don’t make me on my knees deny reality like I’m some sort of prisoner of a mouse struggle sex session and what morer hadn’t gotten at that point had been exposed to I guess was that’s the nature of this. They force you to say That person giving birth is a man say it and I have to say a man can give birth a man convinced Roy please don’t hurt me. Please don’t run me out of my career and marks totally unaware that well I would have been aware of it at the time from liberal saying essentially that’s blanking idiotic to you dare not speak out against it in 3 years because the status quo. Last year, right, or you’ve committed a physical harm right Yeah the speeches violence you’ve created danger you’ve driven them to suicide Sarah Sarah I just thought that was amazing has pretty good get some more good stuff from more on the gender bending deal but I don’t know maybe squeeze it and we’ll talk it over a good have Jack back Mike lines at the bottom of this hour to talk about the bombing of the port in Ukraine that broke windows across the River in Romania NATO member well,