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Press Washington Post it is I mean I those fired I don’t know that that being talk about journalistic integrity. It’s gone at that point US, writer, the Washington Post will survive that though the story like that. The Washington Post would survive but us an individual writer I don’t see how you come back from that approved the story without the audio there’s that was the source. What do they bear tribute a source correct no they said anonymous source not right. They say they know all about you. Yes. Somebody had to prove that correct resume aren’t coming back. A couple things, just quickly, there is the an explosion of some kind that has shaken a neighborhood in Ontario, there’s some video that appears to be outside someone’s front door and you see a pretty tall nor Seitz, a mushroom cloud. It kind of looks like that and they said someone’s the visit tweet someone’s fireworks that went off in Ontario. Don’t know if it was, in fact, fireworks, but it was pretty look it was a pretty large explosion was heard all around town. So keep an eye on Nancy. We get more details coming back the true-crime Tuesday story. Quick update on the kristin smart case but also the shooter in the Hills that guy in Malibu Canyon shooting people poll I just learned about the story last night a stay of doing some late night reading Oh my God, I gotta be Gary Chan will continue right after this. Things are starting to turn before you know he’ll be leaving your House for work, meeting with people in a room with real walls behind them and lamenting the choices in nerve breakroom vending machine Dan Quayle West T hd to my fans live everywhere on the radio. It’s lotion I’m Joe Quan live from the kfi 24 newsroom there has been some sort of explosion in Ontario. The Ontario police Department has tweeted that they are aware ve allowed explosion that was heard and asking people to stay away from the area. Details are limited at this point we will keep you updated as we get more information news brought to you by cutting dental group 12.6 million Cove 19 vaccines having given in California a record was set yesterday. Almost half a million vaccines given in a 24 hour period. The European Union’s medicines regulator says there’s no indication AstraZeneca’s kobe 19 vaccine causes blood clots, at least a dozen countries in Europe had temporarily suspended the vaccine because some people have reported getting blood clots, after getting shot. Nbc’s Dr John Brownstein says putting a pause on the use of AstraZeneca’s vaccine is important because it’s safety needs to be thoroughly checked but there’s really no reason to be incredibly concerned associations aren’t there. The numbers are not, you know, spree as we have the general population Dr. Brown seen says having any Covey vaccine available is good because some variance are taking hold In many areas in Europe. Church and Silver Lake has expanded its programs to restore LA as a pandemic slows and we pray for the city today pastor Matthew Barnett offers thanks is the dream center marks a year of over relief Kelly Bradley says it started with the sharing of whatever food the center had gosh 80 something days we didn’t for 11 hours a day, 7 days a week, and then every since then we’ve been doing it from 11 to 2, Monday through Friday and it added up to 5 million meals. Plus, the opening of an outdoor learning center now more transitional housing for families of the fallen into homelessness. More broadly, turning the page from survival to restoration is the beginning of a brand new season in silver Lake Chris Giancarlo OK fine years the part of LA has set a new high watermark on imports sport executive director Jean assume Roca says last month was the busiest February on record consumer buying is not little, with more people getting vaccinated. The latest stimulus checks in the mail and email stores’ safety protocols, increasing their more options for American buyers so Roca says the surging container traffic has led to more jobs will shift work up 29% this year but Sroka says export try ethic has dropped 26 of the last 28 months President Biden reportedly is going to propose the major federal tax hike in almost 30 years. It would be in part to hell, pay for the nearly two trillion $ over 19 relief bill ABC’s Mary Bruce says White House Press Secretary. Jen Psaki, as not tonight Biden might raise taxes, but she did stress that no one making less than 400000.0 whatever see their taxes go up as Biden promised during the campaign. Bloomberg says one v tax increase proposals would beat Jack the corporate tax rate from 21 to 28% Nebraska’s governor has beef with Colorado’s governor the top guy Colorado Jared Polis, a Democrat, recently issued a nonbinding proclamation recognizing the Saturday’s todayed to avoid eating meat and he has urged people to stay to go meatless one day a week, Nebraska governor Pete Ricketts, a Republican, says Polis has orchestrated a direct attack on the