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That’s all ahead. Alejano kensho on kfi and kale ST hd to Los Angeles, Orange County, Wis. Everywhere the iHeartRadio big explosion on debt remarks live from game 5 24 hour newsroom explosions caused a fire at a House in Ontario. The cities is a stash of fire or works is to blame this woman who lives nearby tells KTLA her home shocked everybody home care on the bomb Yeah like it was going to be our another neighbor says one of her windows got blown out by the force of the explosion the trade tsunami has not let up at the port of LA people are buying everything we hear in the 7th month a historic imports surge driven by unprecedented demands by American consumers board executive director Jean Rokus shipping traffic in February was the highest in the sport’s history as of mid caps though the large majority of port traffic has been imports meeting America’s not selling as much stuff abroad exports have now dropped 26 of the last 28 months. But overall, more containers mean more work after 10 weeks of the calendar year labor shift work is up 29% Chris Giancarlo OK fine Church urgent Silver Lake has marked a year of covert relief by serving its 5 millionth meal during centers Kelly Bradley is the meals started as a center gave out all the food left on its campus and from there it developed into a daily service really an amazing game that we’ve seen the city rally in response to this coded crisis and, you know, we hear a lot of times that the ill of humanity. But what we’ve been able to witness is said beauty of humanity over the last years. She says the dream center is also opening up another 13 rooms for homeless families. The families can stay in their rooms for up to two years as they transition to permanent housing. The CDC’s is about 11 and a half % of people in the US are fully vaccinated against kobe 19 Dr Foucheux says immunity last at least 6 months beyond that we have no way of knowing because we’ve already been doing this little relief for Paul what almost a year year President biden’s is the US is in talks with several countries about which ones may get extra doses of kobe had vaccines but he says that won’t happen until every person in the US who wants to get vaccinated does studies found that protein in mosquitoes could help in treating life-threatening viruses like West Nile, Zika and possibly kobe 19 the national Institutes of health, says the findings could help millions of people Worldwide. Scientists say the mosquito protein weakens certain viruses by breaking down as protective covering. They say the protein could be effective against fighting Cove it but more research is needed. Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell has warned Democrats against getting rid of the legislative filibuster we about a 60 vote threshold for legislation the Senate becomes a majoritarian institution just like cases the framers designed the Senate to require deliberation before Us cooperation and make sure federal laws have broad support. He says Democrats are not just trying to tweak the filibuster are in for a radically less stable, less consensus driven system of Government. He says the Senate is an institution the requires unanimous consent to turn the lights on before noon. He is changing the filibuster will require a quorum for everything it is slow on the 7 had in long Beach evidence dusting delays coming away from 91. All we have to ocean also things you’ll be busy on the one 10 freeway North Pence side sings patchy slowly coming out of South LA from Manchester which one was will suffer, said the heavy support stadium way. 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