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nothing there’s nothing wrong you’re not on anything you should be they’ve got work coming up John a dead cat fight ever. Marquez do is no laughing matter. two people have been killed in a fireworks explosion at a House in ontario some having damage this neighbor tells KTLA. There were a bunch of explosions explosion went 10 cubic effect on where a lot bigger. Like I said, I love my window explosion happened at home at least one building on the ground has been destroyed some horses on the property got loose. Following the explosion an evacuation center has been set up at the dance, a community center. Gergen Silver Lake has expanded its programs to restore LA as they as Veep pandemic slows, we pray for the city today pastor Matthew Barnett offers thanks is the dream center marks you’re covered relief Kelly Bradley says it started with the sharing of whatever food the sinner Gosh 80 something days we didn’t for 11 hours a day, 7 days a week, and then every since then we’ve been doing it from 11 to Monday through Friday. It added up to 5 million meals. Plus, the opening of an outdoor learning center now more transitional housing for families of the fallen into homelessness. More broadly, turning the page from survival to restoration is the beginning of a brand new season in silver Lake Chris Giancarlo OK fight here, a former state and federal prosecutor has announced he’s running for Orange County DA lawyer Peter hart Insys current DA Todd Spitzer cares more about headlines then Justice as your next District Attorney I will provide leadership not showmanship and I will produce results not scandals and I will be honored to serve as your Guardian of Justice our who says he’s against the death penalty support zero bail and is willing to re evaluate sentencing enhancements Spitzer says Harden is just trying to bring the LA County DA George Gascon owns failing criminal policy’s to Orange County. And some say new craze cafes in Dubai Sachs it’s a new trend that’s prompted everything from excitement to backlash drinking coffee another cold drinks out of baby bottles. The Fed’s started at Einstein cafe, which has a number of stores across the middle East people apparently wait in long lines to set their jusa job from plastic bottles Greece’s say some customers of even showed up with their own baby bottles. Officials from Kuwait to dubai are trying to put a cap on the trend which they say violates local traditions by issuing warnings fines and even shutting down certain shops Jennifer Jo sleek kfi news we have a star on the one one in studio city. This is along the southbound side watch out here as you make your way towards Coldwater Canyon that’s where stalled out of Fox tracking blocking left plane and looks like it may become crashes 12 big delays here back in from the 4 05. Let’s head out to Mike kobe bryant kfi in the sky sponsored thigh injury Attorney superwoman super lawyer Dotcom is over East East downside the 68 to hit the brakes are just approaching the 7 10 stretch having over Garfield Wilcox, back on the break out Hacienda Heights from Hussein Boulevard over to the 57 Berg now that does not much difference pretty what running neck and neck there tennese Danny got almost point city terrorism Del Monte, it’s going to loosen up a bit and then back on. Verjee the 6 5 right on into West go Vina troubles over the past 15 northbound around Clay corn fire road it’s an accident there, looks like you’ve to get the right shoulder back now extra tight from and what injured in an accident visits superwoman super lawyer Dotcom by go Brian Gay a pie in the sky kf pie in the sky helps gets you there faster, I’m Angel Martinez if you’re a small business owner, you want to offer their employees the best healthcare without having to worry about your bottom line they California choices your solution and it’s different than traditional employee benefit programs and best of all Affordable that’s right California choice packages 8 top health plans like Kaiser Permanente San anthem Blue Cross into one single program you can control your costs and give your employees the freedom to choose a plan they want, you can customize the program however you like adding dental, vision life Cairo or acupuncture as a small business owner you get additional services at no cost. Valuable I HR support flexible spending accounts. Calk overbilling, if you’re a small business needs Affordable health insurance joined more than 18000 small businesses taking California different approach to employee health care to learn how California choice can customize benefit plan for you style £ to 50 on yourself and say my cal choice that’s bound to 50 Mike Coutts choice ago MRI cal choice stock comp some plan whether from kfi partly cloudy tomorrow. Highs upper 50s and 60s from Metro LA 60s around 70 in the Valley and the ie upper 60s for inland OC we leave local live from the kfi 24 hour newsroom I’m up lar termites southern California are here