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there’s a campfire AMC sporty, things are starting to turn before you know you’ll be flying away on vacation visiting a woman who was spending the weekend Sweat pants sleeping most of the day and key West T hd to Los Angeles plans can be applied everywhere on the radio fatal explosion on deaf remarks live from the kfi 24 hour newsroom explosion in Ontario has killed two people. Kaye vice Chris San Carlo reports live the explosion was set off by commercial grade fireworks and eggs and Ontario fire chief Ray guy says two people were found two people were found near where the explosion happened we don’t know the Association with the House location we don’t we have not identified the man guys says the call the explosion came in around 12 30 50 firefighters ended up on scene put the plane down but it’s still unknown just how many homes were damaged. It’s tough to get in there right now because of what he says is unexploded ordinance this woman was at home next door when the explosion knocked on down to the ground. M maya my hands were burned like this from firearms that have two layers of wood burning, you know, and whatever is put down it’s going to be up to the FBI and ATF to the Ontario fire Department and the Ontario police Department to investigate the Sea reporting live in Ontario Chris Giancarlo OK fine news a Church in Silver Lake has marked a year of covert relief by serving its 5 millionth meal during centers Kelly Bradley says the meals started as the center gave out all the food left on its campus and from there it developed into a daily service really an amazing game that we’ve seen the city rally in response to discuss the crisis and, you know, we hear a lot of times that the ill of humanity. But what we’ve been able to witness is said beauty of humanity over the last year. She says the dream center is also opening up another 13 rooms for homeless families. The families can stay in their rooms for up to two years as they transition to permanent housing. The CDC says about 11 and-a-half % of people in the US are fully vaccinated against kobe 19 Dr. Fallah chases immunity last at least 6 months beyond that we have no way of knowing because we’ve only been doing this little relief for Paul well most of the year President Biden said the US is in talks with several countries about which ones may get extra doses of kobe 19 vaccines but he says that won’t happen until every person in the US wants to get vaccinated does Biden administration says 22 million doses of kobe 19 vaccine are being shipped out across the country this week we’re our 19 response coordinator just science held governor all announcement came racing back seat a lot its jurisdiction over 16 million. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is the shipments will include vaccine doses from Pfizer the Derna and Johnson & Johnson the doses will also go to federal mass vaccination sites retail pharmacies and community health Enters and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell has warned Democrats against getting rid of the legislative filibuster without the 60 vote threshold for legislation is set to become a majoritarian institution just like cops, he is the framers designed the Senate to require deliberation to force cooperation and make sure federal laws have broad support. He says Democrats are not just trying to tweak the filibuster, arguing for a radically less stable, less consensus driven system that is the Senate is an institution that requires unanimous consent to turn the lights on before noon. He says changing the filibuster will require a quorum for everything from the southern California Toyota dealers traffic said we make it easy crash on the 15 Corona. This one is along the southbound side coming up on Ontario Avenue only the rightly so panel that the plaintiff them Watson traffic is a huge mess from Magnolia Avenue probably pushed back closer to the 91 by now. Yep. Assad meeting the 90 line and the northbound side is also slowing down from just before why Rick rode to the scene of the crash with more delays out of Corona from hidden Valley Parkway in stretches to foothill Boulevard the check-in with Mike O’Brien kfi in the skies sponsored by injury Attorney superwoman super lawyer Dotcom hit a snag. Get to Irwindale BLITZER to get westbound just about Burnett technically up disable the hope for a bright plane that’s adding just going off Glendora curve starting about grant so that should recover fairly quickly. Not the case on eastbound side of it. You can catch can load up right at the wall there right away. Rose Bowl sorry about LinkedIn. Linkedin auto off the brakes most of away had to Glendora disco loosen up a bit and then plenty more slowing up ahead, leaving the 57 all the way to Rancho Cucamonga introduces accident is super Walling super lawyer Dotcom like kobe bryant km pie-in-the-sky kf pie in the sky helps gets you there faster, I’m Angel Martinez this hour kfi is brought to you by some locks your best valuing solar for all your energy needs son Lux Dotcom warming up. We’ll tell you when next Hey it’s Nielsen major here we’re all spending so